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My Application

Post by ChlamydiaOG on Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:10 pm

#1] Twitch Username - ChlamydiaOG
#2] Username - Chlam
#3] Skil Level - Well, I know most of the advanced splits, pop splits, vanish splits, etc etc, but due to my computer being laggy, it is hard for me to perform such splits. Other than that, I would class myself as around a 6-8/10. [On a good day;)]
#4] Zibra Stream Activity - be online in most of each day. I have no life, rip. So to get me to play, would not be a struggle.
#6] Agar Extensions - I don't use any extensions usually, but Plus is one of the extensions I use every now and then.
#7] Do you use bots? - I do not use bots. I don't see the fun in doing so. You are just a blob eating other blobs, why cheat?
#8] Time Zones - I am in England, UK.
#9] Why do you want to join? - I want to join ZRY, as it seems like a fun clan to be in, Zibra is a super chill person, and so are the mods. The general members on the other hand, I have not met, or know. I can only imagine they are amazing also! I generally want to be a part of the Zibra community! Haha.
#10] Zebra Skin - I do not own the Zebra skin in
#11] Rules! - Yes, I have read the rules.
#12] Kicking!? - If I was to break any rules, I would expect to be kicked without warning, no doubt.

-Thankyou for reading this application! : )

-Pce! Like a Star @ heaven

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