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Post by Skadeaf on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:37 pm

1. What is your Twitch username? Sodafond
2. What is your username? (This will be your official ZRY name) Skadeaf
3. What would you say your skill level in is? Do you know advanced techniques like tricksplitting etc.? Pretty good, computer s a bit busted so playing with a small lag atm.
4. How often are you online in Zibralock’s stream? Around 2 hours when he s streaming.
5. How often are you online in Around 4-5 hours perhaps.
6. Do you use any extensions and if so what? I don t
7. Do you use bots? I don t
8. What timezone are you in? EET
9. Why do you want to join the clan? Want to join a good community and have fun I guess.
10. Do you have the Zebra skin in I don t
11. Have you read the official ZRY rules? Yes, I have
12. Do you accept that if you are caught breaking the rules, we have the right to kick you without warning? Yes, I do

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