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My Application

Post by Volvo_King on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:59 pm

1. What is your Twitch username? Volvo_King
2. What is your username? (This will be your official ZRY name) V_K
3. What would you say your skill level in is? Do you know advanced techniques like tricksplitting etc.? i think something between good and noob Very Happy Internet is a bit lagging so playing with a small lag.
4. How often are you online in Zibralock’s stream? Around 2 hours when he is streaming.
5. How often are you online in Around 2 hours every day.
6. Do you use any extensions and if so what? No, I don´t
7. Do you use bots? No, I don´t
8. What timezone are you in? CET
9. Why do you want to join the clan? I think your community is one of the best community ever so.. for fun Smile
10. Do you have the Zebra skin in Yes, I have
11. Have you read the official ZRY rules? Yes, I have
12. Do you accept that if you are caught breaking the rules, we have the right to kick you without warning? Yes, I do

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